Installing iOS 6 beta 1 without UDID registration

Activate iOS betas without UDID registration:

Apple place restrictions on who can install the iOS betas, The only way you can legitimately install iOS betas is if you get your UDID (Unique Device Identifier) registered with an iOS developer.

UDIDead bypasses the need to either purchase the iOS developer program or get your best hacker friend to register your UDID by simply using a redsn0w bundle.

This tutorial assumes you’ve updated to iOS 6 and your device is ≤A4 (equal or less than).


  • If your iOS device is currently jailbroken, you’ll need to backup everything and do a fresh restore of iOS 5.1.1 and complete the setup and restore your backup.
  • Download iOS 6 Beta 1.  Google it or download it here.
  • My recommendation is that you back up your iDevice and save SHSH blobs for your device(you can use redsn0w to save your SHSH blobs).

Step One:

You’re going to need to download the latest version of redsn0w (Win or Mac) and run it with the argument -S* (make sure it’s a capital S).

Click ‘Extras’ then ‘Select IPSW’ and browse for the iOS 5.1.1 firmware for your device.

Download links for iOS 5.1.1 and other important tools will be available here.

Step Two:

Download the UDIDead bundle for your firmware version from the Download box*

Then in redsn0w, click ‘Jailbreak’, Follow the instructions to enter DFU mode, then wait until presented with the option to select a custom bundle.

When given the option, browse for the UDIDead bundle you just downloaded and click ‘Next’.

After redsn0w has finished, your device will reboot.

Step Three:

Open up iTunes and connect your iOS device using your USB cable.

Once you see your iOS device on the left panel, click it.

Hold down on the Alt+Option (Alt+Ctrl or Shift for Windows users) buttons and click the Check for Update button on the main panel.

Select the .ipsw for iOS 6 Beta 1 you just downloaded from the mirror.

Click OK and let the iTunes do all the work.

Windows Command Prompt:C:\Users\boz0n>cd C:\redsn0w_directory_here && redsn0w.exe -S_
Mac Terminal:boz0n-Mac:~ boz0n cd /redsn0w_directory_here && ./ -S_
Windows Command Prompt: Press Win+R, type cmd then press enter.
Mac Terminal: Click Applications, Utilities then click Terminal.

Bundles: iOS 6 beta 1 bundle.
redsn0w: redsn0w 0.9.12b2  – Win or Mac
iTunes 10.6.3

“If a new version of a beta comes out, I’ll make a bundle and put it here as soon as I can!”

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