Torrent sites not working!!!

This is why a lot of U.S. based torrent sites are going down. thepiratebay still works for me tho. its servers are based out of sweden so the ACTA cant do anything to it yet. This has just come into effect in the past 3 months. it is mainly focusing on counterfit goods, generic medicines, and copyright infringement on the internet. unfortunately for the ACTA, the farthest it can go is search, siezure, and scanning material going in and out of the countries (this includes hard drives that have been used for torrenting illegal files) i would stick with thepiratebay, the website still works and because the material on the website can originate in the U.S. and never leave the borders, it easily slips by the ACTA.

To know more about ACTA, click here.

I have looked in every nook and corner of the world wide web and found a site that does work… its called… It may nt be as good as isohunt or kickasstorrents but we are gonna have to make do with it for now. Il keep updating my post as and when i find more sites that do work so come back in a while…


I found some more torrent sites which are still working. the follewing are the names of the sites that work:

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