Woz: Mark Zuckerberg Is A Combination Of Myself And Steve Jobs

Woz: Mark Zuckerberg Is A Combination Of Myself And Steve Jobs

Woz thinks that Zuckerberg is the best of both worlds.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently made some comments concerning Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook’s upcoming IPO. In an interview with Bloomberg, Woz said that Zuckerberg was a combination of himself and Apple’s other co-founder, Steve Jobs. Woz cited Zuckerberg’s shrewd business sense combined with his passion for engineering and tinkering, with the latter set of qualities embodying Woz’s expertise.

Not only did Woz praise Facebook for its upcoming IPO valued at $96 billion, but he also said that he would invest in Facebook regardless of the opening price.

Woz called Zuckerberg an “acute businessman” with the ability to understand “markets and what people want.” The relationship between Steve Jobs and Woz in the early days of Apple is common knowledge; Woz was the engineer and scientist while Jobs was the master marketer. “I see Mark Zuckerberg as closer to the combination of us,” said Woz in the Bloomberg interview.

Under the close direction of Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook recently acquired Instagram for a record-setting $1 billion. Unfortunately, Woz didn’t share this thoughts on the deal.

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