In Perfect Sync

We live in an age in which everyone has a smartphone, a traditional PC and a post-PC device such as a tablet. The ideal ecosystem for all of our devices is that they remain in perfect sync. In a perfect world, all of these devices would be compatible and work seamlessly with each other, but with technology companies competing against one another, it isn’t always possible to achieve such a dream. Although there are many facets to it , I’ll try my best to provide suggestions for maintaining the perfect ecosystem that everyone dreams of. There are many facets to doing this, I’ll try to cover as many as possible below:

Streaming video and music from your smartphone/tablet to your computer

If you’re an iOS user

The AirServer application, available for both Mac OS X and Windows-based machines, brings a certain level of compatibility by allowing users to mirror the display from an iOS device directly onto a large display that is attached to a Mac or PC.

The software is compatible with any iOS device that is capable of mirroring its display and even allows the device to send its screen contents to any secondary screen that may be attached to the receiving computer. The developers of the software bill it as the “most advanced AirPlay/AirTunes receiver app on the market” that has full mirroring support.

One of the great features of this app is the ability to splice together an iOS device with a Mac or PC to create a large screen gaming experience. What could be better than sending Temple Run or Angry Birds in Space to a large screen, competing side by side with a friend?Both the Windows and Mac OS X versions of the AirServer software offer free of charge, seven day trials with free upgrades being made available to users when new versions are pushed out. Visit their website here.

If you’re an android user

Download this app called doubleTwist from here. And visit the AirServer website for more information.

Backing up data

If you’re an iOS user

You have some great features such as iCloud backups and Photo stream. You can make backups on iTunes too, if backing up on a wifi network is a problem. So, you don’t need to worry about anything.

If you’re an android user

Backing up data can be a real pain in the rear, as google does not offer an services like iCloud. There are many apps which offer similar services


This is a really good alternative to iCloud. There are two locations to which this app can backup all you data, including apps, messages, emails and contacts one being the SD card in your phone and another being their online server.

Download it here.

Locating a lost phone

If you’re an iOS user

Again, you don’t need to worry at all, because apple has provided you with the Find My iPhone app, which, actually, does work pretty well. So, stay rest assured.

If you’re an android user

Even though google doesn’t provide any default service, you can try this app.


Antivirus prevention isn’t anywhere near as necessary for Android devices as it is for Windows computers just yet. As Android’s market share grows, though, so will the attacks. More importantly for the here and now, Lookout Mobile Security provides key security options that are unique to the mobile market. Along with the antivirus and anti-malware tech, there’s a lost and stolen phone locator service, an application privacy adviser, and a backup service.

Download it here.

This is all for today, I’ll be covering many more ways to have the perfect ecosystem. So stay tuned. Until then, Au Revoir! :)

PS Please feel free to drop a comment below.

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